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We all love the rains, don’t we? Driving with friends and family to a mountain top or to a water fall on a moderately rainy day has its own charm. But a simple breakdown can ruin the beauty of the drive. The rain becomes a nuisance in such a scenario and gets even worse if the breakdown happens on a weekday when you are rushing to office.

 Monsoon maintenance for your car


A constant downpour and wet roads can make life difficult for you and your car. It’s a good idea to prepare your car for the monsoons – not only to prevent it from breaking down, but also to avoid accidents and mishaps that the rains can cause. Over the next few pages, we’ll take you through a few tips that should help you and your car tackle the monsoons with ease…


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The search for free Apps available in the market can be very time consuming but also very rewarding. You can find various types of application compatible with various models of iPhones, Cases, and even tablets, although the tablets have high-cost applications, especially the Apple Tablet.

Team Portal  JáComparou separated a list of some of the best free apps and most sought after.

  • AccuWearther (App IPAD): it is an application that has a long iterface weird but fun at the same time, which shows the local weather conditions in your area according to the configuration.


  • Adobe Ideas 1.0: this is a digital notebook that has drawing tools. They are simple tools, but they serve very well to record a sudden idea.

Adobe Ideas

  • Air Free Video: application for viewing videos that allows streaming video (converting on-the-fly if necessary) from your Mac or PC. But he has shown the limitations of some items, eg, number of files and folders.

Air Free Video

  • Bloomberg IPAD: very useful for viewing graphics and business news, stock and currency rates up.

Bloomberg IPAD

  • – Dicionary and Thesaurus “: this is an application that contains more than 1 million words and 90,000 synonyms available for you to consult.

Dicionary an Thesaurus

  • DropBox: how to sync documents, DropBox is a great ally for file transfers between multiple devices, enabling visualization and storage of various types of documents.


  • Evernote: sync documents with another free online service that allows users to save text documents, images and video clips.


  • Guardian Eyewitness: allows the user to know the daily happenings around the world and he still has access to more than 100 photos a day that can be saved and shared via e-mail,live wonderful..

Guardian Eyewitness

  • PaperDesk Lite IPAD: this allows the user to mix and save text documents mixed with gibberish and audio recordings.Pages can also be sent by email. Although this version is free, is permitted only three pages per booklet to be sent.

PaperDesk Lite

  • PCalc Lite: Cases that do not already have their own calculator, this is an application that solves the problem. Free and easy to use, it allows the user to make their accounts quickly and conveniently.

PCalc Lite

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In a country like Brazil, where the aesthetic value has reached proportions beyond the normal, plastic surgery has more space and market. Vanity and pursuit of beauty is not only part of the feminine world. Many men are turning to surgical procedures as a way to prolong youth and raise self-esteem.

But how much plastic surgery solves the problems of the patient? Often, you need to recover is the soul of the individual.Restore the self-esteem and well-being can be beyond looking in the mirror or out the dummy.

Maybe that’s why we hear expressions like “she’s beautiful, but when she opens her mouth, comes from below.” Or, “He is so friendly and nice that not even need to be beautiful.” What is special or different in people who accept it as is? And because other, privileged physically, seeking perfection in an almost insane?

The cure may not be the scalpel, but in the soul. Being happy is a state of mind that does not need clothes, makeup, slender body, botox or silicone. Accepting yourself is a difficult step for many people. But you have to accept yourself first to be accepted by others. And that goes beyond aesthetics. Plastic surgery is an important decision that needs to happen when the mind is in balance. The results can be more satisfying and lasting when a person is in search of harmony. This is from the inside out. And only after that surgery has to score results.

The question is cruel and cast the first stone the woman who is never bewildered by having to choose everything that will make her look for a party. And the problem is accentuated when we talk about which party jewelry . Too bright? Soon?Great? Small? Anyway, what jewelry to party?

It’s a shame to say that there is no exact formula for combining jewelry for parties, but these tips will surely be a great support when choosing what “looks good”.

– Regarding the dresses, the important thing is balance. So ask for dresses with lots of detail jewelry more discreet. In turn, simple dresses match perfectly with bold jewels and glitter.

– It is important to realize the importance of the event and thus, whether he deserves this more sophisticated jewel or not.

– The colors (silver or gold), see what best matches your skin type and, of course, with the dress and other accessories you will use.

– The earrings should not be too large. The delicate sophistication in order to prevail.

– Choose a ring. Of those that stand out, with rocks as well. For Girls who wear ring, the ring must be on the other hand.

– Use shorter necklaces with dresses and strapless or with straps. Necklaces are not legal front dresses with thick straps or in great detail.

– Bracelets and wristbands are to be averaged. Avoid using them with coats and dresses with sleeves.

Among all these guidelines, the most important thing is not to commit excesses. Balance in jewelry for parties is crucial. Be discreet and bold at the same time, seek harmony in its style. Use accessories to convey his personality.

Here I show the best sights of Porto Alegre, parks, plazas, lakes, among others.


1. You know you just bought an apartment in Porto Alegre , Windmill in the neighborhood, I recommend knowing Parcão (Park Windmills). The park was created in 1972, has 115 thousand square meters. Considered the most charming park by Porto Alegre, great place for walking, cycling and make a good mate.

The park is named for where is now the administrative headquarters, was a mill that turned wheat into flour.

The park offers jogging trails, soccer courts, tennis courts, bocce court, fitness equipment, skating track, multipurpose courts and ping-pong.

Considered the most charming park by Porto Alegre, great place for walking, cycling and make a good mate in the world



2. Located in Lower Town, also known as Harmony Park, opened in 1982, has twice the size from the Park, 300 square meters. Its main difference is the privileged view of the Lagoon Guaíba

The Park houses in your area, a replica of Gaucho farms, the Harmonia Ranch, designed to maintain and practice of traditional culture. It also has an aeromodelling track, nautimodelismo tank, children’s corner, soccer, bocce and volleyball courts. All this in addition to barbecue grills, best place to meet friends and have a barbecue.


3. Farringdon Park has 370 thousand square meters, opened in 1935, the attractions of the park are the orchid, the mini-zoo, the five play-grounds, the amusement park for children and the beautiful sun spots, European, Oriental and Alpine.

The Good End Market, in bygone times was the meeting point of the ladies who were doing the show today focuses craft shops, flowers, ice cream parlors and bars. As in Parcão sportsmen can play football, bocce, rent bicilheta. The park has the best public running track.

Collaborated to make this monument, the engineer Heitor da Silva Costa, who designed the statue, the artist Carlos Oswald, who made the final design, and the sculptor Paul Landowski, who executed the statue’s face and arms

Structurally speaking, the monument is 710 meters from the ground and is 38 meters high, 8 feet of base and statue 30 meters, the distance between the ends of the fingers is 30 meters too. The statue is a large concrete structure reinforced, covered with tesserae (small inserts soapstone), totaling approximately 2 million small triangles that measure on average 3.5 cm side. The monument weighs 1145 tons and was built in pieces prefabricated .

In 2000 reforms have taken place in both the statue and the lighting and in 2002 opened a mechanized access, with lifts and escalators, not needing more than the visitors climbed the 222 steps leading to the base of the status.

Due to natural factors, such as lightning, salinity, wind and temperature variations, in 2010 it was found that 30% of the original structure for wear, especially on the hands and head (end), so this work of art has undergone a reform aimed at clean, recover the original volume and laying the tesserae, with spending 7 million dollars.

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