Once a training on levels of management, one participant was quite intrigued when I raised the argument that there is a large difference between management and leadership.

But still intrigued, he was the subject when I began wondering what were the leaders of their teams. In a room full of managers, only one, said he knew who were the leaders of your team and not described themselves as sole leader. It is natural for people to make these words interchangeably, but there is a large difference. The leadership, including, it is always talking about streets (great talk) to the leaders of our political and religious history. Normal, since few of these people were organizational managers.The great managers are known to targeted audiences instead of emblematic stories that bring in their emotional and ideological values.


The most evident of them is the power of persuasion, oratory and selflessness, is dogmatic and loved.Organizational managers who have become public figures such as Ford, Jack Welch, Akio Morita, the Camel David Abilio Diniz, Roberto Justus, President Lula, Roberto Marinho, and many many others that need an encyclopedia to catalog them, became leading to the enforcement power they had and have. His entrepreneurial forces made ​​them different men. Leadership is romantic and rational management. The manager and the attitude it takes to defend the speech. The leader preaches in his speech the attitude to be taken. Surely we have managers who are leaders, but also have situations where the leader is not the manager and the manager is far from being a leader. For those who occupy a management position priority is to observe who is or are the leaders on their teams.

Well, before you print your leadership style, if any, the manager will need to win, captivate and persuade all staff about their ideas, processes and procedures. If it does so through the existing leadership in your team, your efforts will be spared and the consequent savings in time and productivity will be huge.
Of course, the manager, regardless of their power of leadership, must use his power hierarchy when their exercise management is threatened. The problem is that the “human animal” tends to always feel threatened, so naturally, as in any food chain, those who hold more power (in this case power) to use first. Ally have as the team leader, if the manager still is not, the process will be less boring for the manager and the team. To better understand my position, differentiate management leadership, as follows:
Management is the realization of processes of a group or institution. MANAGEMENT REQUIRES A MANAGER / LEADER:KNOWLEDGE: the processes and procedures
ATTITUDE: willingness to participate in the action
ACTION: carrying out tasks to meet the process
Leadership is the process of influencing people in order to act on behalf of the goals of a person, group or institution.LEADERSHIP REQUIRES THE LEADER: ATTITUDE: willingness to sacrifice personal;
EXERCISE: military ethics, their observance;
YEAR: knowledge of leadership to other leaders;
EXERCISE: knowledge of human behavior;
ACTION: gaining experience through action. The leader needs to trust, respect and cooperation.

I believe that organizations increasingly focus on productivity and cost savings, think that their managers, carefully chosen to toe, have so cream, the leadership necessary to conduct its processes, and that’s just management. For thinking about leadership is to think of people. People are emotions, conflicts, specific reasons, individual attitudes. And only a manager with leadership vision can combine all this to turn into productivity. Being a leader is an option, be a manager’s job. This was the most common phrase I found to explain the difference between these two hemispheres.

However, work can get, or we can train managers and although there are several courses in the market titled Leadership Training and Leadership, in fact we have courses open for purposes which will change or not, opted by professional management. So dear manager, assess their leadership, know your team, accept criticism and suggestions and ask, look out, find out how others perceive you, and see how your driving to work. Conquer first leaders around him, so too also follow, cooperative and loyal to their cause. Choose to participate in the execution of the services do not hold your chair, desk, badge or title, show that one of the oars of the boat, is also his. Be truthful and willing to cooperate, there are examples and show why you have, but never simply just use your power to make orders.

For all that, keep saying that those who invest in that win that produces and consumes: Man!

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